Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dagara Spiritual Awareness Practice

Dagara Spiritual Awareness Practice is inspired and guided by the indigenous Dagara people, culture and spiritual traditions from Burkina Faso in west Africa.  We present workshops, presentations, discussions, foster communal connection, provide spiritual counseling and ritual in the interest of personal, communal and global healing.

This work is guided by the cosmovision of the Dagara medicine wheel, the 5 elemental Spirits that are inherent in the physical world, the unseen world and in all of us.

These lifeways are also guided by a close relationship to the Wakale, the Ancestors, our sacred Dead that are still with us in spirit and in active connection, assisting us with our daily lives, our relationships, our communities and our sacred relationships with Spirit, nature and All That Is.

Ukumbwa is available to run workshops, presentations, ritual work along with divinations, numerological work and card readings at events, conferences, organizations and communal gatherings. 

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